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it is not the things we do in life that
we regret on our deathbed it is the
things we do not because I assure you
I've done a lot of really stupid things
and none of them bother me all the
mistakes and all the dopey things and
all the times I was embarrassed they
don't matter
last August I was told that in all
likelihood I had three to six months
left to live somebody said to me in
light of those numbers wow so you're
really beating the Grim Reaper we don't
beat the reaper by living longer we beat
the reaper by living well and living
for the reaper will come for all of us
the question is what do we do between
the time were born and the time he shows
up because when he shows up it's too
late to do all the things that you're
always gonna kind of get around to when
I was 17 I read a quote that went
something like if you live each day as
if it was your last someday you'll most
certainly be right and since then for
the past 33 years I have looked in the
mirror every morning and asked myself if
today were the last day of my life would
I want to do what I am about to do today
remembering that you are going to die is
the best way I know to avoid the trap of
thinking you have something to lose you
are already naked there is no reason not
to follow your heart
and you will need to find your passion
many of you have already done it many of
you will later many of you may take till
your 30s or 40s but don't give up on
finding it right because then all you're
doing is waiting for the reaper as a
child my parents always told me you
could be whatever you want to be you
could do whatever you want to do but I
didn't totally believe it yet I went out
in the world and I carried myself and I
held my head high and I stood there and
I look people in their eyes and I talk
to people as if I was deserving of
everything that this planet has to offer
I really want to say to two children out
there and to two people who are watching
Confucius say one time he who says he
can and he who says he can't are both
usually right
and I want you to keep in your heart
just know that you can you know that you
can and it is gonna get hard and you're
gonna want to quit sometimes but it'll
be colored by who you are and more who
you want to be I definitely found that
wanting to be an actor stems from
wanting to be somebody I said I'm not
losing I'm still here I'm fighting I'm
not losing when you die it does not mean
that you lose to cancer
you beat cancer by how you live why you
live and in the manner in which you live
find your passion and follow it you will
not find that passion and things and you
will not find that passion in money
because the more things and the more
money you have the more you will just
look around and use that as the metric
and there will always be someone with
more I want the world to be better
because I was here if you are not making
someone else's life better then you're
wasting your time no no like that your
life will become better
making others lives betters the first
step before anybody else in the world
believes it is you have to believe it
being realistic is the most commonly
traveled Road and mediocrity why would
you be realistic what's the point of

being realistic

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