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if you don't know why you're here I
encourage you to find out what your
purpose is here what is the meaning of
your life what will be different that
you have asked yourself that question
and most people they go to their graves
with their greatness still in them what
if you live your whole life only to
discover that it was wrong we've all
taken time just to stop and reflect many
times when we hear what's happening in
the news or read the newspapers where's
all this leading to what's going on here
and so I think that now more than ever
we must begin to look at what are the
things that we can do that would put us
on some firm footing in life that will
enable us to do some things and and use
some powers that we have that many of us
go through life never ever discovering
that we have those things going for us
and part of that I believe is knowing
what it is your life work what is it
that gives your life a sense of meaning
and purpose see if you know what your
life work is I encourage you to start
working on it if you can't do it all at
one time do just a little bit of it and
if you don't know what it is that you
showed up to do if you don't know why
you're here
I encourage you to find out what your
purpose is here what is the meaning of
your life because once you find that
it puts you in your power place 85
percent of the American public according
to recent studies are going to jobs that
they hate working on jobs that do not
challenge them they get sick thinking
about going because see when you go to a
job and you already know how far you can
you can already see that proverbial
glass ceiling see when you're going
someplace and you already know how much
you're going to make you already know
how far you can go you're in a dead-end
position it erodes your self-esteem it
lowers your sense of yourself
it creates an inner turmoil
it creates an giftedness in you so I say
that your life is worth finding what it
is to choose close
imagine if you will being on your
deathbed and standing around your bed
the ghosts of the dreams the ideas the
abilities the talents given to you by
life with you for whatever reason you
never pursued those dreams you never
acted on those ideas you never use those
gifts you never used those talents and
that they are staring at you as you're
lying on your bed with large angry eyes
saying we came to you only you could
have given us life and now we must die
with you forever and the question is if
you die today what dreams what talents
what abilities what gifts what ideas
would die with you


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