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but I'd say there are some times in life

where you fall down and you feel like
you don't have the strength to get back
up so you sort of put a mask on your
face when you come to school and pretend
that everything's okay when it's not and
you go home and lay in your bed where no
one's looking at you when you don't have
to impress anybody you're yourself
and fear comes in you know the fear that
you have as soon as you walk into the
doors of your house maybe that's a
broken home maybe you have doubt in your
life maybe you don't know for sure
what's going to be happening in the
future and it scares you maybe about you
maybe you're worried about what people
think of you what people say about you
is that fear paralyzes you I just want
to ask you today do you think you have
but this is the thing it should be
impossible for me to get back up but
it's not you see I will try 100 times to
get up any 5 fail 100 times if I fail
and I give up do you think that I'm
never gonna get up no
but if I fail I try again and again and
again for as long as I try this Way's
that chance of getting up does that make
and it's not the end until you've given
and just the fact that you're here
should persuade you you have another
chance to get back up there's still hope
I'm not here today to tell you that I
understand your pain I don't know how it
feels to be abused I don't know how it
feels to feel quote fat and you've got
an eating disorder I don't know how it
feels to have a broken home I don't know
how it feels
then I first have a broken heart
you will find that string to get back on
like this
we're all gone through something while
trying to find that something that
happiness you could find it
picture yourself in an open area there's
no buildings in there's no shelter and
there's a storm above you and the storm
represents the situations in your life
you don't tell anybody what you're going
through because first of all they will
understand and second of all they don't
even help you
you're in this storm and you're down on
your knees
no story
used to
Stuart let's wake up
embracing man let's live
what do you want to do in your life

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