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there's a single definition of success
look at yourself in a mirror in the
evening and wonder if you disappoint the
person you were at 18 right before
people get corrupted by life let him or
her be the only judge not your
reputation not your wealth not your
standing in the community not the
decorations on your lapel
we bullshit each other we bullshit
ourselves it's the hardest thing to do
is not to bullshit ourselves if we don't
bullshit ourselves on some level it's
too painful to be alive and that's what
your art is
your art is telling the truth in ways
that you can't in life
as long as I enjoy what I'm doing a
train hard I have no regrets and all I
can do is give my best then it's going
to be fine regardless of the outcome
it's important for me to actually hear
criticism sometimes you know because I
think that's what makes me a better
player this thing you're doing it for
yourself you're not doing fine anybody
else I think a lot of people just see
you run and it's all you look so easy
with effortless but before it gets to
that point it's hard it's like hard work
staying doubts like if I still do you
have a limited time to stay see or death
maybe gets into behaving in a rational
manner it's not letting not getting in
your own way as I say everybody here has
the ability absolutely to do anything I
do and much beyond and some of you will
and some of you won't
well the ones that won't well because
because you get in your own way won't
because the world doesn't allow you to
live because you don't allow yourselves
the endowment will if you haven't belief
you can do something the only way you
grow that like in the gym you grow your
muscles by actually exercising you know
you grow the love of you and your wife
by caring for them and having their back
to grow the individual will to become
something you must get comfortable with
fear and failure
they must be your best friends you're
the only one that moves that needle of
life really liking what you do whatever
area that you get into given that you
know even if you if you're the best the
best there's always a chance of failure
so I think it's important that you
really like whatever you're doing if you
don't like it life is too short if you
like what you're doing you think about
it even when you're not working I mean
it'll just it's something that your mind
is drawn to and and if you don't like it
you just really can't make it work I
if you went with people much faster than
you all right yeah you might come in
last every single time but your time
because they're making you run all the
faster they're making making it dig down
just a little bit more it doesn't matter
that you want
- faster
autistic have the prettiest fit work the
prettiest face though never
phylla like me it seems like a bad idea
yeah and I actually think that that's
true for a lot of the best ideas where
it is that it's not that someone else
can't do it they actually can and the
odds are stacked against you but I think
often that belief and the fact that you
just care so much about what you're
doing is the only thing that kind of
drives you to do it integrity honor
character discipline sacrifice due
diligence what equity to see it through
the difference is not that the genetic
code the potential reality of life
whatever that truth is right it's not
powerful as a reception on how you see
no matter what happens it's the
reception hey shit
there's no rush
build for the long-term guys you don't
need stuff right now do things that make
you happy go talk to nine year olds they
regret they talk about regret I wish I
did literally inevitably I do this I

wish is the opening line

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