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the only thing standing between me and
my dreams are my fears the only person
who is responsible for my success is
myself I am in charge of this life I am
in charge of my life it's on me to go
out each and every day to make sure I
leave everything outfit it's my duty to
never let things go unfinished I will do
whatever it takes because I don't
believe in failure I believe in getting
up as many times as it's going to take
me in order to see true success in order
to see my dreams become my reality
quitting is not in my vocabulary
I want these battles long before they
even took place because I am a warrior I
prepared like one I believe in my vision
I believe in my capabilities people
don't define who I am or what I can do I
define those things haters and doubters
are my motivation and no matter how many
people try to stand between me and my
dreams I will not let them defeat me I
will never give up I will never give in
because pain is my friend pain helps me
pain helped me become a stronger version
of myself I don't try to dodge pain
honestly I work for pain because I'm a
true believer that pain is my reward I
am grateful for all the opportunities
I've gotten I will never let them waste
I may not have what other people have as
far as physical capabilities but it's
not about that it's about my willpower I
am proud of what I have accomplished but
I will never settle I am entirely too
convinced that I will succeed I will
change up anything in order to go where
I want to go with my life with my goals
I can honestly say I deserve everything
that I'm dreaming of because I've worked
for it I've earned it I know the value
of my time because I can never get time
brought back to me a minute gone in my
life is a minute gone for good
a minute that I will never get that you
pin my heart I have these abilities to
grow I am willing to take those risks I
don't fear obstacles and challenges
I know that I need to go through them in
order to see a clearer vision on the
other side I'm willing to go through
them because I know that's the only way
anybody including myself will see my
full potential I am NOT a finished
product because I'm striving each and
every day to see results I only have one
duty in life that is to become better
than I was yesterday I know in order to
become number one or to succeed at the
highest level of my business I need to
be able to outwork every individual that
is chasing the same dreams chasing the
same desires and chasing the same
visions that I have I really don't
believe in waiting for the perfect
moments to start working on your dreams
I believe the perfect moment is now I
believe the perfect time is now
I will absolutely do whatever it takes I
will absolutely use everything that I'm
capable of using to better myself
because there is no substitute for hard
work there is no substitute for
I simply respect greatness and I will


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