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everything around us that we call life
was made up by people that are no
smarter than you so build a life don't
live one build one my father could have
been a great comedian but he didn't
believe that that was possible for him I
learned many great lessons from my
father not the least of which was that
you can fail at what you don't look so
you might as well take a chance on doing
what you love you have to trust that the
dots will somehow connect in your future
because believing that the dots will
connect down the road will give you the
confidence to follow your heart even
when it leads you off the well-worn path
and that will make all the difference
and it is going to get hard and you're
going to want to quit sometimes but
it'll be colored by who you are and more
who you want to be I definitely found
that wanting to be an actor stems from
wanting to be somebody
the hardest thing to listen to your
instincts your human personal intuition
always whispers it never shouts very
hard to hear so you have to every day of
your lives be ready to hear what
whispers in your ear it very rarely
shouts and if you can listen to the
whisper and it's something you think you
want to do for the rest of your life
then that is going to be what you do for
the rest of your life and we will
benefit from everything you do as far as
I can tell it's just about letting the
universe know what you want and working
toward it while letting go of how it
comes to pass and you will need to find
your passion find your passion and
follow it don't give up on finding
as you are responsible for your life and
if you're sitting around waiting on
somebody to save you to fix you to even
help you you are wasting your time
because only you have the power to take
responsibility to move your life forward
and the sooner you get that the sooner
your life gets into gear what matters is
now this moment and your willingness to
see this moment for what it is accept it
forgive the past take responsibility and
move forward
was the meaning people ask that question
on the assumption that meaning is
and it doesn't consider the possibility
that maybe meaning in life is something
that you create manufacture for yourself
and for others what do you desire what
makes you itch what we how would you

really enjoy spending your life

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