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thumb point everything's gonna go south
on you
everything's gonna go south and you're
going to say this is it this is how I
end now you can either accept that or
you can get to work that's all it is you
just begin you do the math you solve one
problem and you solve the next one and
then the next and if you solve enough
problems you get to come home
excuse a sound best to the person is
making them up because you grew up in a
household with dysfunction drama mental
spiritual physical and emotional abuse
does it mean that that's the outcome of
what your life your career is destined
to be excuses sound best to the person
that's making them up it's not feeling
sorry for yourself get off the pity
wake your ass up awaken the beast inside
get in shape it's game on
its focus is ghost season I believe in
you I love you
that's called effort it's called glory
it's called if you can find a way to
push through pain there's something
greater than the others I love and if
you never tap into it it's because the
first time you felt that you backed off
when I was young I did not know who and
what I wanted to be and so I was
influenced by the things that I seen
with my eyes and what I seen with my
eyes is what I wanted to become why do
you think you need to wait until you get
a little older to become the things that
you want to become in life the problem
is not making money because at some
point we're all going to make some money
the problem is what do you do when you
make your money eventually we're going
to get old real old and it's about you
it's about you so this is what I want to
lead which lead you with
when you make the decision and I want
everybody to hear me on this even the
adults in the room when you make the
decision to do what you want to do with
your life just know this because the
family and the friends in your life do
not share your vision in most cases they
will be the first person to try and talk
you out of what you want to do with your
life but know this only those that can
see the invisible can do the impossible
so because you don't because they don't
see what you see does it mean that
you're posted settled and not do the
things that God has sent you in your
mind and your spirit because if you
don't control pain
get a control new
I am the great
I think the greatest of people that have
ever been in society they were never
versions of someone else they were
themselves it's the great tragedy people
employed in ways that don't fully tap
everything they do best in life you
don't think about Michael Jordan the
basketball player and say oh he was just
like this other player no you don't even
say he was like this player plus that
player divided by 2 plus citizen no it's
Michael Jordan
always gets worse before it gets better
it's supposed to be that way then
journey you're embarking on here with
nmt 28 is not an easy path it's not for
the ill hearted
as for the strong people before you
embark on this journey mentally you have
to prepare yourself for no one is gonna
get worse before it gets better when you
buck this journey you must know that
it's going to go down before it comes up
when it comes up
this one goes so much higher than you've
ever been sacrificing today for
tomorrow's betterment sharpen your
arsenal for protection of what you can
be but if you didn't know that mentally
you didn't prepare for that think
something's wrong maybe it's time that
stops now it's time to move three and
further you have to be equip mentally to
endure this process knowing what you're
about to go into a step ward
knowing is up though battle but a
winnable one and one that's achievable
and at the end of this race guys you're
going to be more capable the first step
guys is knowing it's a tough road but
through that effort
it builds the character the person you
want to be at the end except that
how else do you stay on track
we document everything know where we are
guys you must personally bet I am the
they were never versions of someone else

they were themselves

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