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I have a question for you

what's your next chapter I'm dead
serious what is the next chapter of your
life I don't care how young you are how
old you are I want to turn the tables
back on you I want you to think about
where you've been I want you to think
about why are you here
there is a new chapter starting in your
life in your business and your
relationships and it's going to start
right now
so what is it do you know exactly what
you're afraid of you know exactly what
you've been avoiding and you've got to
make a decision to change in you know
exactly what it is don't be us anybody
you know what you need to do different
you know the changes you need to make
and if you could do that you stop
killing yourself you can win you can
overcome your fear overcome
procrastination you know you know when
you are guilty of wasting time and
laying in bed and you're being lazy you
know it whether that was the seven
o'clock in the morning or six o'clock in
the morning you know it you ever wake up
and you feel that sense of dread you got
a job you hate going to you got a body
that you don't like you just don't feel
that good
so believe it or not understand that
anxiety worry procrastination self-doubt
they are all habits self-doubt is a
habit it's a behavior a thinking pattern
that you repeat over and over and then
it becomes automated in today's world
this is the number one skill for you
self-control I think that everybody
wants freedom in all the various aspects
of their lives of course everyone wants
financial freedom everyone wants to have
more free time those are two really easy
examples to understand and if you want
to have financial freedom love and how
are you going to get there
the answer is you have to have financial
discipline and same thing with more free
time if you want to have more free time
then you have to have a more disciplined
time management schedule I want you to
leverage the progress principle I want
you every morning to write down one
thing that mattered like that that you
can do just one thing take forward is
forward I don't care responds because
what happens is when you start to see
yourself taking action on something
that's important to you whether it's
just researching we're taking a little
online course or just buying a book or
just having a conversation or just
watching a video if you do that every
single day what happens is you start to
see yourself becoming the kind of person
that's doing it this is the secret to
you know people say how can I get
disciplined in my life and I tell him
step number one is wake up early it
seems like safety and in the morning is
a form of freedom because hey I don't
have to do anything I'm just gonna sleep
in but the reality is is when you sleep
in now you don't get things done and now
those things that you were supposed to
do aren't done and now the next day you
have to wake up early and get them done
not because you want to but because you
have to so you've become a slave to the
fact that you didn't have discipline so
if you actually want to have freedom in
your life you have to implement
discipline on yourself and and I'm not
advocating because it's unhealthy to not
sleep enough you know and if you need
eight hours go to bed earlier but you
know and I'm not saying you need to wake
up at four o'clock in the morning but I
am saying this if you want to wake up
early in the morning go to bed earlier
well that's real simple to say but it's
hard to do it's it's hard to do number
one when you're looking at your phone
it's hard to do when you're staring at
your computer screen it's hard to do
when you're watching TV those things are
meant they're designed to make you keep
looking at them and so you do so what
you do is turn those things off and try
and go to bed now the first night you're
gonna have a hard time going to sleep
what you do is the next morning you wake
up early anyways
along the journey there's going to be
things that you need to do but you don't
necessarily want to do but those things
are critical to your success excellence
is an art one by training and
habituation we do not act rightly
because we have virtue or excellence but
rather we have those because we have
acted rightly we are what we repeatedly
excellence then is not an act but a
habit the most important thing you can
do is win the morning just win the more
than that I think that's true for all of
us even high performers like that I
don't have my morning routine game I
feel you know out of sorts so I think
it's true for everybody you got on your
morning you got to win it
because that starts and sets up
everything else I know you believe that
as well like people need that discipline
those routines that will help the
wrestler today go better you need to
focus on doing better every freaking day
of your life if doing better is not the
main thing it will not be a thing at all
if being successful is not the main
thing it will become nothing to feel
more confident about the things that you
want to do in your next chapter
it begins with being willing to try it
starts with that otherwise you get
trapped in hesitating just stop thinking
whirring looking over your shoulder
hoping for some easy way out stop it and
just do listen to me you're gonna make a
decision what's the decision what's the
decision what have you been hesitating
on what are you afraid of face it right
now what do you need to decide is it
getting aggressive is it believe it in
yourself is it reaching out to somebody
is it a recruit you've missed is it
coming full-time I don't know what it is
for you what's the decision maybe
there's someone in your life that we
need to get out of your life maybe
there's someone you need in it and you
need tell them you love them and get
them back in and I don't know but I know
this it's only a thought if you don't
take an action the difference between a
thought and a decision is an action so
we know and you know you just decided
and you know what it is you know what it
is it is not the movement of the clock
that produces the newness of life it is
the movement in your mind
you hear all kinds of things said about
right behind me
the enemies that you see today you will
see them no more no weapon formed
against you shall be able to cross
every tongue that rather the gets you
got him
this is my time to salamati and
everybody in here is going through a
change you don't have to be ashamed of
yours we are all in the process of
transforming to a higher better
expression of muscle
let this be the year that I'm worth a
higher better expression of Moscow
don't let the habits of my past stop me
from this metamorphosis new year no made
new year
no me
what separates us its transformation
the possibility of change the desire to
evolve the passion to get up off the
ground and stop eating dirt I'm tired of
doing what I used to do if I always do
what I've always done I'll always be
where I've always been somebody in this
room then then nobody would think would
be in a church survive but you drew them
to this place tonight because you want
them to be a newbie in a new year and
have a new attitude and a new mind cuz
the real battleground is in your mind
that's where the fight is you lay down
with it you get up with it you go to
work with it you can't bat just your
food because of it smiling in front of
people and nobody knows there's gunfire
going off in your head it's not a
geographical location it's not dead it's
not money it's not haters it's not
enemies it's not liars it's not
that's not the battleground stop wasting
your weapons on what people say because
it is not what they say about you that
matters it is what you say about you
that threatens your destiny you will
never be defeated by what they say about
you you will be defeated by what you say
about you
I dedicate this to you to the greatness
in you and to the dream that you showed
up on the planet to produce and it's
simply this if you want to thank bad
enough to go out and fight for it to
work day and night for it to give up
your time your peace and your sleep for
it if all that you dream and scheme is
about it and life seems useless and
worthless without it and if you gladly
sweat for it in fretboard and plan for
it and lose all your terror of the
opposition for it and if you simply go
after that thing that you want with all
of your capacity strength and sagacity
Faith Hope and confidence and stern
pertinacity if neither cold poverty
famished result sickness of pain of body
and brain can keep you away from the
thing that you want if dogged and grim
you beseech and beset it with the help
of God you'll give have greatness in you

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