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I'm thinking about two men we were

fairly successful similar background
educated they work for corporation for
many years and they were among many
people that were laid off two guys who
were very different one went out looking
for a job for several weeks along with
the other one and they faced
disappointment and rejection again and
again and again they couldn't find any
work one guy stopped he became
discouraged he stopped calling he stayed
home looking at television became very
argumentative and toxic with his wife
drinking beer getting on the phone
talking to his other negative unemployed
and he just gave up one guy said it's
not possible it's over I'm finished I
can't do it I can't make it
he surrendered I'm faced rejection again
and again I'm not going anymore there
are no jobs out there but this other guy
he felt that in spite of the knows and
rejections in spite of how bad the
economy is in spite of what the
newspapers are saying that is possible
if somebody somewhere will give me a job
he just kept going they think it was
possible what was the difference between
the two men I say and my inside eyesight
is judging on what you see
judging according to appearances but
mine site is how you interpret what you
see the other guy kept looking for a job
everywhere it could go every time he
could get an opportunity kept asking
people networking checking the
newspapers every day it went to a place
and said looking at anybody you can't
hire me and I know you can use my
talents abilities and skills I don't
want to sit home and do nothing just
just let me do some volunteer work you
don't have to give me anything all right
I just want to work I want to be busy
guy said ok it's on you now but don't
don't expect me to give me anything it's
ok this guy came in and working with the
person there the last one to leave was
the best employee there about 4 weeks
later one of the top managers quit they
were looking for a replacement guess who
they selected this other guy this guy
who was volunteering his time he got the
job they're losers and there are people
who have not discovered how to win
and all they need is some coaching all
they need is some help and assistance
just a little support hey guys this is
Charlie for motivation grid now we
create a lot about motivation here and
we hope that you love these inspiring
videos but up until now we haven't gone
into the concrete actions to actually
help you realize your full potential the
steps that you can start taking right
now to radiate unshakable confidence and
inspire impress and energize the people
that you come across every single day
even if it's just for a minute that is
all about to change so if you want to
learn more about those exact steps to be
the kind of person that walks through
the world radiating unshakable
confidence then click the link here and
you'll be taken to a page where you can
submit your email you will immediately
be taken to a video that will show you
one thing that you can start doing right
now that will take you from anxious to
super confident inside of a minute so if
you want to see that video and you want
to hear more about what's coming go
ahead and click the link now

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