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some decisions of major decisions and

also there are a lot of small decisions
that we don't make that they tax our
minds they drain our energy they create
a lot of anxiety and nervousness and
mental torment because we don't take
care of it we decide not to decide which
is a decision deciding to decide to act
is a major major challenge for all of us
at different points in different areas
of our lives and there are things that
happen to us along the way
experiences that we have that prevent us
from working through the mental block of
acting of doing those things that we
know we ought to do so what I want you
to think about is what is there that you
know you need to do that you want to do
this but for some reason or another
you've been holding back why don't we
take action fear what we're going to do
to get ourselves to do it we got to make
sure that we push ourselves through it
by making a decision the point in which
change happens is that
every change in your life but you want
will come from something simple a
decision a definite purpose must be
accompanied by a definite plan for
edutainment followed by appropriate
action now you have to have a purpose
you have to have a plan and you have to
start putting that plan into action but
you think lying is risky wait till they
hand you the bill for not trying if you
think investing is risky wait till you
get the tab for not investing see it's
all risky well if that's the way it's
going to work out let's give it a go
right that's what it's for
you're gonna go make a choice right you
just decide what is going to be who
you're gonna be how you're gonna do it
just decide this is what I believe and
I'm willing to dive our deepest fear is
that we are powerful beyond measure the
only thing is if you're trying to get
there cannot stop believing in any way
no matter what anybody says no matter
what anybody tells you you have to know
it beyond knowing it it is a feeling
when something is for you this is our
newest when something's for you there's
a feeling that it's deep down inside you
that will not allow you to
you have it will it will keep you going
when you can't even keep yourself going
because there comes a time in your life
where you work to stress then you try to
get there and you couldn't on your own
but you have a dream and that dream has
to take on the belief for you because
you can't do it by yourself so what I
would tell you this don't stop now oh
you're focused one idea one and make it
work that will give birth to all don't
try to forget about trying forget about
making an attempt
forget about testing it out although you
may not end up in the profession or in
the area that you're starting out you
don't want to go way
you say you go in there right now and
take down that giant make them all
nothing told me you got it you have to
eat this ring you have to sleep the
drink you have extremely
see we don't have the courage and that's
what it takes courage it takes guts to
do that what you know you need to do
plus the primary difference between
winners and losers
the winner the winners do it they do it
and do it and do it until the job gets
done all right all my life I want to be
somebody important well what do it Dan
if you want lasting change you've got to
give up this idea of trying something
the other side you're going to commit to
mastering you don't want to just dip
your toe in you want to jump in hard
do not try do go hard it requires a
tremendous amount of courage the way
through the challenge is to get still
and ask yourself what is the next right
but when you decide to act when you
decide to take life or and let me warn
you it can be painful it will be
uncomfortable and that's where the
growth is
you wished enough you waited enough now
let's get to work how much one is what I
have to do how much stress into after
you listen to me how many heels we'll
have to climb how much work do I have to
put in to make this happen do a wooden
stick to change decide what changes our
whole life is action find out what it is
you want and go after it as if your life
depends on it take full responsibility
for your life except where you are and
the responsibility that you're going to
take yourself where you want to go so
once that we have two primary choices in
life we can either accept conditions as
they exist or we can take the
responsibility to change them

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