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if you truly want more out of life

chances are you're not really going to
fit in anywhere I mean really fit in
because the majority of people settle
for average and if you don't drop down
to their level there's going to be
conflict they won't like the fact that
you are committed to your dreams because
it reminds them that they gave up on
one of the biggest reasons most people
don't follow through with their dream
life is fear that they will be left out
if they achieve it this may be conscious
or unconscious but most people give up
not because they can make it not because
they aren't capable but because they are
surrounded by people who have said
people who don't want to see you succeed
because that would remind them they
they might start saying you've changed
that you become successful not
understanding that your goal was always
to change to develop to reinvent
yourself do all your ridiculous comments
like successful people are greedy or my
favorite there's more to life than money
of course there's more to life than
there's also more to life than
struggling to pay bills and put food on
the table
so much negativity towards a successful
and the sad part is they will never be
successful with this mentality
you ask 99% of successful people how
they achieve their dream life and I can
assure you the story will be the same
they work harder than the majority they
kept going when the majority gave up
they suffered through failure but made
sure that was not the end rather a
lesson learned they went through hell
but always focused on the end goal sadly
most people would rather argue for their
limitations then no there are no
limitation most people would rather hate
on a successful that learns from them
then model them most people would rather
pick up a beer rather than a book then
they complain that they are in a
dead-end job where complaining they got
laid off from their job but if they made
the right decisions early on they
wouldn't have to clean up their bad
decisions later on
most people would rather party now and
suffer later maybe that's why most
people are not where they want to be
maybe that's why most people complain
maybe that's why most people live with
regret if you are most people commit
right now to becoming a minority set
your goal right now don't you waste
another moment of your life find a
mentor in a book or a person and learn
from that model then we develop your
mind reinvent yourself make a commitment
to be different make a commitment to
never give up on your goal your dream
life your vision your future self is
begging you to make that commitment
your future self is begging you to stick
it out

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