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you know everybody got the same story we
just got different details but like I
always say life is 10% what happens to
you is 90% what you do about it
whatever you think riches is that's your
definition there's a survey that says
riches and success is being happy while
all you have to do then is determine
what is it that makes you happy and
start down that path now to find true
success I believe that you've got to do
some work because it's not free
everybody would love to wake up and just
be happy and bubbly but it requires some
you know for a long time I used to think
that the path to success was going at it
alone because I was always busy prior to
myself or not asking for help I was
homeless I didn't want to ask for her I
lived in a car I didn't want to ask for
help and I almost missed out I didn't
realize how many people were willing to
have discussions with
success you know most people that are
successful if you ask them for help
they're given to you I'm talking about
advice principles solutions not money
success is all about building
relationships it's not what you know
it's who some people might not step up
when you ask them for help they might
not but guess what the worst thing can
happen to you if somebody refuses you
you didn't have it anyway what are you
worrying about that for well they might
say no or they might turn me down ask
people you never know suppose they say
yes that could be the turning factor but
you know there are some principles that
would increase your chances of getting a
success know your work don't let nobody
else to turn me and don't assume
people aren't mind beings they don't
know what you thinking don't assume they
know unless you ask it specific and then
recognize that know is not a rejection
every time you you know it means you one
step closer to it yes stop comparing
yourself to others so the first thing
you do is stop focusing on other people
instead focus on being the best version
of you that you can then you'll
recognize that you deserve to sit at the
big table with everybody else after you
become the best that you can be now once
you've accepted that you have as much
right to success as much right to
succeed as anybody else the next step is
learning how to talk the talk you have
to get fluent in the language of success
so you speak it with ease surround
yourself with people who've accomplished
their dreams and immerse yourself in the
culture of achievement and before you
know it you've got to be speaking the
life of your dreams and to exist
and like I said before we each have a
gift but too many people miss out
because they refuse to sign the lease on
their gift you keep looking for it
outside of you stop sit with yourself
what is it that you do to absolute best
with the least amount of effort that's
your gift but if you are constantly
looking outside of yourself and you
don't latch on to your gift you will
never find your purpose if you want to
succeed you must commit to your own gift
and embrace it
the first step is given completely and
rudely honest enough to say I am tired
of myself when you say I'm sick and
tired of being sick and tired
that's the facilitator of change that's
when you're ready to say these words no
more excuses no more excuses where will
you be in your business in your life at
36 months not because you hope because
you decide if you keep up your present
disciplines and keep up the present pace

that you're on where would you be

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