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the number one regret that people have

people who were dying who knew that they
were crossing over making their
transition a top regret was I wish I'd
have had the courage to live the life
that I knew I was destined to live in
other words that I had a purpose that I
knew that there was something greater
that I came here to do that I signed up
for something other than just to fit in
and to go along and to follow somebody
else's rules and most of us are not
gonna allow ourselves the freedom to
listen to those internal colleagues
here's the next one exercise your
willpower to change direction you don't
have to keep doing what you've done the
last six years if it's not yielding you
the benefits you want here's what you
can do pick a new destination and start
going that way you say well I've done
this for the last two years I'll
probably have to do it another tooth
the answer's no not in a million years
now you can change one little degree at
a time or if you want to you can
revolutionize the whole thing
who says you couldn't revolutionize the
whole thing in a week's time and start a
brand new direction that will most
assuredly help you arrive in a brand new
place a year from now three years from
now no telling five years from now
you're on the verge of having a life
that most people can't even begin to
imagine use your willpower to start the
process just willpower to change a
little will change a lot anybody can
change you don't have to repeat last
year clean up the errors invest it now
in the next year watch it make the
difference but when you decide something
as a must for you an absolute must when
you cop any possible you say I'm going
to find the way I'm gonna make the way
human beings when they resolve things
and they have make a real resolution
inside themselves which is they raise
the standard they make it a must they
find the way invest more of you in
whatever you do be a little stronger be
a little wiser step up your vitality
put everything you've got into
everything you do and then ask for more
vitality and more strength and more
vigor more heart more soul if you
identify yourself in a new way and you
own that every day and that becomes the
scare doubt you live you'll find the way
to make that standard wheel when the
imagination begins to soar when we grasp
opportunity take advantage of what we
got where we are other doors open and
they open wide and yet when you set
those goals when that hope is born when
you persist day after day after day
folks the very persistence itself brings
a lot of things to pass what you do is
create a vision of who you want to be
and then live into that picture as if it
were already true I got the grace
for the life I lead for the situations I
confront for the people I deal with and
for the problems I have in my life and
don't let my tears fool you you may find
me crying all the time but when I get to
crying I will be swinging on you because
I do have grace just when you're about
to really reach the thing that you've
been praying for for years and you reach
it out for and just when you're about to
touch it expect all he'll to break loose
in your life in fact it's a sign that
you're coming into your season when you
see the tear begin to come against your
life look at some I said this is my
season see when you say that you're
saying good things are coming up and bad
things are coming up and if all coming
up at the same time
this must be my season if I wasn't about
to go into great harvest the enemy
wouldn't be attacking me like he's
attacking me right now
this must be my season
God said I considered the weight load
before I put the pain in your life and I
know you feel like you cannot handle it
and I know you think that you cannot
take it and I know you feel like you're
going to lose your mind and I know you
feel like driving off the cliff but I
just want to tell you I'm not gonna stop
it I'm not gonna take it away I'm not
gonna give you what you want but my
grace is I got grease for this moment in
my life I got grace for this situation I
got grace I don't like it but I got
grace for it it hurts but I got grace
for it I'm in trouble but I got grace
for it
I may cry but I got grace for it I've
made the antagonist but I got grace now
you have the power
it's up to you to achieve the impossible

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