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put a little pressure on it start from

the bottom be real with yourself truth
hurts sometimes and then I need you to
get the most that you can get out of it
so you begin to look at this decade and
affirming that this is your decade as
you set goals that will make you stretch
that will bring out the best in you as
you begin to remove the negative toxic
people from your life as you decide to
take some chances in life and that's one
of the things that's very important this
card said if you're not willing to risk
you cannot grow and if you cannot grow
you cannot become your best and if you
cannot become your best you cannot be
happy you can't be happy and what else
is there
every single thing you say you want it
you wanted to accomplish you wanted to
do guess what we still got time baby it
is not lost you still have time that's
right you still got time baby
who are you right now and who must you
become in order to create what you want
what has to change about you what is it
that you're doing right now that would
be a liability for you as you begin to
look toward the future and take
inventory of yourself what is it about
you right now that you've got to leave
this behind because this no longer fits
looking at where you want to go and the
kind of person that you must become the
kind of standards that you have for you
what is it that you must do differently
the day is gone where you could just go
to college and get out and and get a job
and work 30 or 40 years with job
security and retire with a goal lot the
goal watch days are gone and that's what
I ask you where have you been where have
you been up to this point you look at
your life you look at what you produce
is it giving you what you are you living
on purpose are you living your dream are
you acting on your ideas are you doing
all you can do have you gotten
comfortable are you procrastinating are
you invading your own greatness are you
surrounding yourself with people that
can immerse you are you challenging
yourself are you experimenting are you
learning something different your life
an adventure isn't boring where have you
been why you here what brought you here
investing the time the money what
brought you here and where are you going
what is it that you can get out of this
session out of this lecture that when
you leave here rather than this just
being a spectator event that you've got
some idea some dream that you might have
to go back and brush it off and look at
it again and say I've got to do this
this is my stuff this is what I'm
supposed to do this is why I showed up
where are you going with your life
what decisions are you making right now
as you look into the future and say that
every day to them is possible because
what does that do see it begins to
change a belief system so the way in
which we operate ladies and gentlemen
it's a manifestation of what we believe
what's possible for us whatever you've
done up to this point all that it really
is it's a duplication it's a
reproduction of what you believe
subconsciously that you deserve and
what's possible for your life it's
possible you've got some talents some
ideas and you your ability to do some
stuff that you haven't even discovered
yet and I'm suggesting that it's
necessary that you get outside of your
comfort zone it's necessary that you
develop some new relationship where you
can learn from these but it's necessary
but you do reading that you do research
it's necessary if you're already
involved in some business that you don't
be satisfied with where you off you want
to make it a day it's necessary for you
to constantly look at ways of getting
better they're winners they're losers
and there are people who have not
discovered how to win
that's right how people look at you how
they respond gee it's very hard it's the
know what I discovered
when you're working at your dream
somebody said the heart of the battle
the sweeter the victory even though it's
hard it's worth it's worth it so what is
that someone you got an idea you want to
move on you might not have the money you
might not have the education you might
not have the support of resources you
need what is that something that can
keep us going that will enable us to act
on our dream much one of those keys that
will begin to help us to discover the
secrets to our dream it's necessary that
you have that you work on it that you
develop yourself that you go for what is
yours in the universe the people who go
on to this stuff what makes it worth it
it's got to be your passion you got to
love it ladies and gentlemen you gotta
love it it's gonna be what you are
supposed to do you do what it is you
supposed to you supposed to build
something you thought to create
something I don't know how to do it
learn to whatever is required just go
out there it's possible you can get what
you are it's necessary you want you
gotta go an action you gotta be willing
to experiment you got to be willing to
fail and to succeed you got to be
willing to form and develop new
relationships it's you it's on you you
got to make that happen am i little
bring it to you on a silver line
here's your dream manifested no it's
yes it's hard it's difficult yes like
and it's working
I just want you to understand ask
yourself at all times
what's the reason you're doing or trying
to do a saying you do what you do why go
this far
quite try to learn this much why try to
do it all why try to see it all why try
to have it all
why do it why learn it why study why put
yourself out why try to take on this
foots responsibility
why develop yourself to the full
quite trying to become all that you can
possibly become
why try to earn as much as you can earn
share as much as you can share work on
your list of wise and remember there's
no such thing as bad luck only lost
opportunities never absolutely never
sell yourself short how do you get
through a life work or each day's the
same thing to me there are three things
we all should do every day we do this
every day of our life
you're going to add what a wonderful
number one is left you should laugh
every day
number two is think you should spend
some time in thought and number three is
you should have your emotions moved to
tears could be happiness or joy ever
think about if you laugh you think and
you cry that's a full day that's a heck
of a day you do that seven days a week
you're going to have something special
whatever it is you want to accomplish or
whatever it is you want to do you
literally have to see it first I done
start and so you can visualize remember
if you think you are weak you are if you
think you are inadequate you are
you win when you refuse to fight 30
people fighting middle people produces
you to their size stay big
now's the chance to change process all
this information if you have nothing to
look forward to except a lingering death
you might as well make the most of the
little time you have left
no one wants to die even people who want
to go to heaven don't want to die to get
there and yet death is the destination
we all share no one has ever escaped it
and that is as it should be because
death is very likely the single best
invention of life its life's change
agent it fears out the old to make way
for the new right now the new is you but
some day not too long from now you will
surely become the old and be cleared
away sorry to be so dramatic but it's
quite true your time is limited so don't
waste it living someone else's life
don't be trapped by Dogma which is
living with the results of other
people's thinking don't let the noise of
others opinions drown out your own inner
voice and most important have the
courage to follow your heart and
intuition they somehow already know what
you truly want to become everything else
is secondary
were the words stay hungry stay foolish
it was their farewell message as they
signed off stay hungry stay foolish

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