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develop the habits you've got the
brainpower you got the energy but
develop the habits of success
so how do you start a business with no
money under the worst conditions that
your backer doesn't want to give you a
dime what do you do get ready for a lot
of rejection and at the same exact time
do the things others don't want to do do
what's necessary do what it takes no
matter what it is and try not to hurt
anybody along the way you know I often
say there's a big 12 people at the table
and we're having a discussion about
something and something may turn up
there could be an opportunity half the
people don't recognize it's an
opportunity a lot of people are
comfortable in what they're doing they
don't want change people actually get
into a zone where they're very
comfortable so they don't like the idea
of risk
I see people they want to do one little
house then I see people they want to do
ten houses and I see before one into
thousands of houses now this isn't a
good time to be talking about houses but
the fact is if you're going to think and
if you're going to be doing something do
it big in a certain way it's better with
the banks in a certain way it's better
with buyers you can make it more
dramatic I've always thought that each
person invented himself for whatever
reasons through whatever circumstance
through whatever he has gone through
that we are each a figment of our own
imagination from day one I just I never
tried to hide that I was the girl in my
apartment with the red backpack it's
like this is who I am and
I find that people end up rooting for
you and opening more doors if you're
really honest early on some people start
businesses and try to come across that
they're much bigger than they are
because they feel like that's the only
way they're gonna be taken seriously but
if you know your products great and you
know why you made it you don't have to
apologize for being out of your home or
your apartment or being small you know
to create a business you've got to
initially work day and night weekend's
it's really hard work
I worked 24 hours a day seven days a
week and I kid that's what I cared about
I care about solving problems being
successful anytime an obstacle presented
itself I used it to my advantage and
made it work and I never heard the word
no if I heard the word no it meant maybe
then it made maybe yes in the end luck
plays a very important part in how
successful you are but the harder you
work and the longer you work the luckier
you're going to be people need to
understand that we cannot take a breath
that we have competitors who want to
take the food off of our table we have
an economy in which there's 8%
unemployment here 9% unemployment in the
US and Starbucks Coffee company is not
something you have to have it is a
discretionary purchase and so the
mentality that you need in a business
today Starbucks or otherwise to build
sustainable success in enduring success
is you have to eradicate the human
behavior of relaxing the human behavior
of feeling like we have one and what I
have said in the last two years of
Starbucks is there's no celebration
there's no victory left we haven't done
I don't have the same opportunity as you
did yeah you do you do you have ever bet
the opportunity that I did and so you
can go out there and do it somebody said
well what was your goal go make money
you have the power to just um you can
sit down you can code something you can
try it doesn't matter to you whether
someone thinks it's a good idea or not
because you have the power to go put
that online and you know see whether it
resonates and connects with people
stay focused on on the stuff that that
you're that you're providing to your
users you're going to make a ton of
mistakes it doesn't matter
you don't get judged by the mistakes
people don't remember those years from
now they remember the things that you
did that were good there's always going
to have to be an element of luck but I
think more important is putting yourself
in a business that can be ubiquitous
that that Kim that really doesn't have
limits because otherwise there's always
going to be a grind to it but if the
business if it can't be something that
you can visualize every business using
or every consumer using it's going to be
tough to scale to be big enough or to
have the perceived value to get you to
that billionaire club I grew up under a
premise go in an industry that has a
large profit margin don't go in one
that's slim go in one that's large take
what you've got your assets or your
energy your assets are your willingness
to just not be told no the harder it is
the tougher it is the bigger the
challenge to get in the bigger the
opportunity behind the opportunities
behind are endless now Apple fortunately
is one of the half-a-dozen best brands
in the whole world right up there with
Nike Disney Coke Sony it is one of the
greats of the greats not just in this
country but all around the globe and but
but even a great brand needs investment
and caring if Alexander the Great could
conquer the known world
why couldn't I start CNN
I thought it through really carefully
but I have studied a lot a lot more than
most of my competitors most people
haven't worked as hard as I have or
study design hard as I have cuz but you
look back in my life most of my
decisions almost all of them were
brilliant what fear is stopping you in
your tracks and burning the soles of
your feet
what did conquering that fear whatever
it is that keeps you from being what the
Creator intended for you what if you
could unleash everything great in your
life would you do it would you say yes
to that don't allow anyone friend family
acquaintances teachers whoever it is
don't allow anyone to tell you that what
you are dreaming for yourself and your
family is not possible it is possible
don't be one of those people 20 years
from now are going to be walking around
a nine-to-five job
miserable and angry and bitter if to
punish failure is yet another way to
encourage mediocrity because mediocrity
is what fearful people will always
settle for I like to see people I think
it's really important even if it's 10
minutes I hate all this new world of
people are talking so I like the idea of
seeing people I think you get a very
different view when you look in
somebody's are you you know in a second
whether it's right I mean I see these
people they like 8 yards away at a desk
and they're busy be so go talk to them
buying emailing each other go have a
what happened before email people spoke
hello good morning how are you companies
like Google and I getting rich and
user-generated content they're getting
rich on the content of companies like
Viacom and we're not going to put put up
with that we're not going to put up with
people taking her product or not paying
for it they want a product they can have
it at the right price I'm going to put
the vast majority of my energy attention
and dollars into building a great
product or service
and put a smaller amount into shouting
about it marketing it because I know if
I build a great product or service my
customers will tell each other I mean
you have to mix in some patience with
that new companies generally shouldn't
exist existing companies are usually
pretty good at what they do and so for a
new company to exist it not only has to
like you know come in and go you know
going to business and bring a product to
market but it has to bring a product to
market that's so much better than what
already exists that it punches through
the sort of status quo how can you
achieve your dreams I'll tell you the
secret but nobody ever follows
just two things to just do things in
life the way other people don't do that
change the status quo and then you'll
I've said that a thousand times nobody
listens if you do anything you're going
to get in trouble if you don't do
anything you won't be in trouble but you
won't get anywhere either

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