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it's time to take it to the next level
it's time to take our motivation our
inspiration our drive to the next level
it's time to move past motivation see a
lot of times people get caught up just
in becoming motivated just in feeling
inspired and it stops there it stops at
a feeling and if it stops there
it failed see the whole point of
motivation the whole point of being
inspired is to take a new course of
action motivation is to enable you to
see yourself differently to see life
differently that it leads to action what
actions have you taken
what are some new things you tried to do
in these past 10 to 30 days what have
you done to improve your life and you'll
be able to tell how motivated somebody
is based on their response to that
question see and the great thing about
life is we control our response to that
question what have you done what are we
doing what are we seeking what are we
pursuing that's something regardless of
the economy regardless of politics
regardless of any of that we control
freedom inductive I have a dream
my four little children one day live in
a nation where they will not be judged
by becoming about skin but by the
content of their character I have a
dream today
I have a dream that one day down in
Alabama with its vicious racists with
its governor I just always believed they
truly believed in my heart that there
was something big that was gonna happen
in my life that would be somebody and I
wasn't going to repeat any cycles and so
that's what I have to share with you if
you believe in something if you want
something if if you aspire to be
something greater than anything you've
experienced in your life it's possible
right we know that our thoughts
influence actions why do we want to say
that negative self-talk to ourselves we
need to get our own self affirmations
Muhammad Ali what was his self
affirmation I am the greatest who else
is going to tell me infinite pass you
George Foreman all you chumps are gonna
bow when I'm looking all up here I know
you got him I know you got him picked
but the man's in trouble and we'll show
you how great I am
how many of us bail after the first bit
of failure how many assail after the
first bit of adversity Edison was on
that video and depends who you ask is
anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 tries to
build that light
one thousand to ten thousand JK
Rowling's should be on that video um a
publisher she took her Harry Potter book
to believe the number was 12 or 13 I
don't I'm pretty confident but after two
or three noes I'd be like dangit
after six or seven I'm like maybe not
definitely after nine or 10 I'd be
looking to be a soccer coach or
something else beside it offer right I
mean 12 times somebody said nope
and I have this moment where I suddenly
thought it was like another boy speaking
to me in the voice said the difficult
thing is going to be to get published if
it's published it will be huge Wow and
that is exactly what it was so there was
some hint that the voice had said to you
other thing is you've got to believe
haven't you yes you know I was I was not
the world's most secure person and I
wasn't someone with an enormous amount
of in fact I'd say on someone with not
much self move at all and yet there's
one thing in my life
I believed that was the one thing in my
life I thought I can tell a story tell
yourself you're not good enough you're
not worthy enough you're not smart
enough you're not enough which is a tape
that's playing for a lot of people if
you're not conscious of that then you
end up acting out of that belief system
and not out of what you know to be the
truest or want to be the truest for
yourself you don't become what you want
because so much of wanting is about
living in the space of what you don't
have that's why Jim Carrey's story is so
powerful because life doesn't happen to
you it happens for you how do I know
this I don't but I'm making sound and
that's the important thing
that's what I'm here to do
sometimes I think that's the only thing
that's important really you know it's
just letting each other know we're here
reminding each other that we're part of
a larger self I used to think Jim Carrey
is all that I was just a flickering
light a dancing shadow
the great nothing masquerading is
something you can name seeking shelter
in caves and foxholes dug out hastily an
archer searching for his target in the
mirror wounded only by my own arrows now
fear is going to be a player in your
life you get to decide how much you can
spend your whole life imagining ghosts
worrying about the pathway to the future
but all there will ever be is what's
happening she didn't know how she's
going to do it you're going to be just
like that it's some of you already there
well you don't know how you're going to
make this happen but you just feel
within yourself someway somehow with the
help of God I'm going to make it happen
repeat after me please no matter how bad
it is
or how bad it gets I'm going to make it
I'm going to make it
shake somebody's hand on your right and
left and say you got the right stuff
so yes it's possible for you to live
your dream it's necessary that you
associate with winners that you work
your system that you are relentless that
you never give up it's you you've got to
take personal responsibility you've got
to make it your personal business to
make it happen and you've got to resolve
within yourself that I can do this that
it's hard but you've got to say I'm the
one I'm the one to make this happen I'm
the one to become successful in this
business as you work to help other
people to become successful that needs
your success but you know it's going to
be hard but find out what will make it
worth it for you
if we were to write out what we did for
these past 24 hours everything we write
down and control how we do it with the
amount of love kindness compassion
confidence creativity the amount of all
that that we do that would be control
that we're in full control see it's time
to move past motivation and start taking
full responsibility for what it is that
we want and who it is we want to become
see I believe that we're all capable of
doing great things and we're all capable
of improving someone else's life not
just our own
it's time to move past motivation it's
time to take our fuel take our motives
take our drives and put it to use see
life isn't just about being happy
it's about being useful it's about
helping others serving others and how
can we move use our motivation to do
just that we find out who we really are
when we are no longer afraid of what we
might actually see and then we find out
how incredible we really are and then
brimming with this newfound potential we
finally see how much of the worry was
false flagged and how misconstrued it
all was and then we began to love
unconditionally the world will always
love you when you love yourself it's the
way of things

love is beauty and nature adores beauty

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