Instructions on the VAKS Excercises

VAKS stands for Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Spirit. What this exercise does is integrate the left brain and the right brain; your logical side with your creative side. It is the most effective way to change beliefs and drives the conditioning process deep into the subconscious. 

1) Visual 

For this movement, extend your arms in front of you, clasp your hands together with interlocked fingers and your thumbs pointing up towards the ceiling. Move your arms first to the top left and continue in a sideways figure “8” motion. Make sure to come upwards through the middle of the “8”. As your arms move through the figure “8”, your eyes should follow your thumbs through the motion. Be sure to move only your eyes and not your head as you do this. At the same time, repeat aloud your affirmation e.g., “I am financially free” over and over again for 30 seconds. 

2) Auditory 

Massage the outer rim of both ears simultaneously with your thumb and index fingers. Start at the top of your ears and gently roll and pull outward and back all the way down to the bottom of your ears. Repeat this motion for 30 seconds while saying your affirmation. 

3) Kinesthetic 

From a standing position, arms raised and bent at the elbows, slowly raise your left knee off the ground, twisting your body to meet and touch your right elbow. Return to your original position and repeat with the opposite knee to opposite elbow. Alternate in a slow, flowing motion while repeating your affirmation for 30 seconds. 

4) Spirit 

Place one hand on top of the other over your heart, feeling the voice vibration. Close your eyes and repeat your affirmation aloud for 30 seconds.

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