I think that a lot of top runners do
have a lot of common characteristics to
be a top or class runner and probably
top out the any sport data it's got to
be an obsession for you it's got to be
probably the most important thing in the
world to you that it's the point where
there just are no excuses there are no
there are no substitutes for not winning
or not doing your best go as hard as you
can for as long as you can when someone
has that ability in tendency to want to
run from the front until everybody else
simply gives up that's a talent that you
don't discourage how follows kind of
young how far can any individual run and
I think it's something which becomes far
more personal you had to be prepared for
hard work you have to have
self-confidence you had to have an
innate belief in yourself the
that you could be the best or you were
the best in the world
totally commit yourself the success and
you are not going to be satisfied with
anything less
it's watching it all the way but this is
the strike we want to target all Pistons
driver ready
here we go
this should be over 50 feet
there's been a certainty about his
running in the past few weeks that's
made wedding seem inevitable

expect anything different

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