Luxury Suitcases vs High Street Suitcases – When is it Worth the Investment?

Luggage can be one of those things you either use all of the time, or hardly ever. You may wonder, if you only dust off your suitcase once a year or less to go on a summer holiday, why some people spend a lot of money on expensive pieces of luggage. Is it just because these suitcases look great and have a good name attached to them, or is there a real value to investing in high end luggage?

However, once you start traveling more, whether it is for business or leisure, it becomes very clear how much of a difference luxury luggage can make – both to how cool you look while you've on the road, and to how convenient travelling is. Here are some of the reasons why it can really pay to spend a little more and buy luxury brand suitcases instead of cheap high street alternatives:

High End Suitcases Last a Lifetime

One of the main advantages to getting high end luggage from a good luxury suitcase shop is that it is pretty much a one off purchase. These kinds of luggage are built to last a lifetime, and some brands like Briggs & Riley even offer you a lifetime guarantee on your suitcases, so you can get them repaired for free if anything goes wrong. You really don't get this with cheap high street suitcases, and while buying new luggage every few years may not seem that bad, over all the trips you'll make, especially as a busy traveller, the overall amount you spend on luggage if you keep using cheap pieces may end up being many times the cost of good suitcases.

Luxury Suitcases Are More Practical

High end suitcase brands like Rimowa make their products from the best materials for the job – materials that are light, flexible, and durable. This means your belongings will be better protected, and you can keep weight down – a good thing when you are dealing with airline weight restrictions but want to take a lot of stuff with you on your trip.

A Better Experience at the Airport

Another way you can see the benefits of better luggage is when you consider your cabin baggage. Carry on bags made by high end brands are designed to be the right size and shape to meet airline rules while still giving you as much space as possible, as well as, again, being very light when empty. Additional features such as laptop sleeves are used to make your experience getting through security far easier, too. When you travel internationally a lot, particularly when you travel for work and need your electronic devices to hand on the flight, using luggage designed for this is certainly the best way.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons why people decide to make the investment in luggage by one of the high end luxury brands, rather than making do with things they can pick up on the high street or even at the supermarket.

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