Huatulco - The Best Kept Secret in Mexico

What comes to mind when you think of visiting Mexico? Usually people think of resorts like Puerto Vallarta, Cancun or even Cozumel. However, there are some truly amazing vacation spots throughout the entire country if you know where to look. One that is particularly lovely and one of the best kept secrets in Mexico is Huatulco.

Located in the southern portion of the state of Oaxaca, this is a resort area that is most often frequented by elite Mexican vacationers with only about 20% of the visitors being from other countries. Perhaps this is why it is so pristine, but the truth is, Huatulco is one resort area that should be on everyone’s ‘must visit’ list.

A National Focus on Keeping Huatulco Beaches and Bays Pristine

Many resorts in Mexico are highly publicized but not so Huatulco and it can only be assumed that the reason for this is because the government has designated 4 of the 9 bays within the region as ecological reserves. This means that all those high rise resorts so common at too many Mexican resorts cannot be constructed there. Those that are developed have been designed with elegance and the natural beauty of the coastline in mind. If you are looking for a resort that is not a resort, you should really check out My Huatulco Vacation Rentals.

Getting in and out of Huatulco

Whether it is intentional to keep the area from being over-developed or simply expedient, air travel to and from Huatulco can be quite limited at certain times of the year. At one time the only flights in and out of the regional airport originated in Canada but that has since changed to some extent. There are chartered flights from a select few United States airports but when it comes to major carriers, some fly only during peak seasons.

This significantly contributes to the ‘secrecy’ that makes Huatulco so desirable as a vacation spot. After all, you are trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of life in the fast lane, so why not choose a vacation spot that is luxurious but rarely promoted to the multitudes?

Close to Mexico City but Not Too Close for Comfort

There are few ‘touristy’ shops in the Huatulco so it isn’t hard to imagine why this may not appeal to those who are shopping addicts. Many people choose vacation spots based on the availability of shops and attractions and for those, this lovely region wouldn’t be an ideal choice. However, it is close enough to Mexico City for a day of shopping, just about an hour’s flight time away and several daily flights. By car it’s perhaps half a day, but if you really must get shopping in, why not fly in and out of Mexico via Mexico City? This way you can enjoy the serenity of an ecological reserve in Huatulco but shop before you depart for home.

For so many reasons, Huatulco is one of the best kept secrets of Mexico. If you want an idyllic vacation in a location where you can mingle with the locals without throngs of vacationers from around the globe, consider spending time on the Pacific Coast in Huatulco in a resort that really isn’t a resort at all. When you get there you’ll see why.

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