How to Travel to Ireland from the UK

If you’re planning on visiting Ireland from the UK, planning how to get there is your next step. Because of the close proximity of Ireland to the UK it’s relatively easy to get there with a number of different routes from flights to a ferry, meaning that from where you are in the UK you could drive, take the train or even a coach, or you could simply hop on a plane and be there in no time. If you’ve still not quite made up your mind about how you’re going to travel from the UK into Ireland, we’ve put together a list of a few different routes that you could use.


Taking the ferry over to Ireland is perhaps one of the most common ways of getting to Ireland from the UK. Ferries set off from a number of different destinations, however if you don’t live in a town where there’s a port or docks, you may find that you’ll need to travel quite a way before you can get on a ferry.Liverpool and Birkenhead are the best boarding destinations in the North West. The docks that you go to will depend on the Ferry provider that you have chosen.

By Air

If you’d prefer to simply get on a plane and be in Ireland in no time, flying might be the better option for you – you’ll be there in a matter of hours if that, rather than almost a full day travelling if you were to get the ferry. Ryanair runs a number of flights from the UK into Ireland, and you can catch flights to Ireland from the majority of the UK’s main airports, including London Gatwick, Manchester, and Birmingham. If you’re planning to travel to an airport in the UK that is some distance away from your home town in order to fly to Ireland, you may wish to consider thinking about hotels – click here for more information.


There are a number of coach companies which travel to ferry departure destinations, and taking the coach to one of these destinations in order to board the ferry can be a cheaper alternative of doing things. In comparison to the costs of flights or the cost of fuel, taking the coach can be much cheaper – with companies such as National Express selling tickets for as little as £5 – so it may be worth looking into if you’re on a budget or simply want to save your spending money so that you’ll be able to buy more souvenirs when you’re there and have a bigger shopping spree in Dublin. If you do choose to take a coach, be careful with booking times and leave some time for delays – you don’t want to arrive at the ferry destination to find out that it’s gone!

How do you travel from the UK to Ireland? Do you regularly make this journey, or is it one that you’ve only made once or twice? If you’ve tried a few different ways of getting to Ireland and want to recommend the best, we’d love to hear from you.

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