Learn how to handle a Negative Guest Experience

Let’s talk about what a negative experience really is. If a guest leaves a big mess, breaks stuff with out any prospect of reimbursement, or maybe pisses off our neighbors; it is worthy of a negative guest review.

If they made you feel unsafe or acted in an inappropriate way, then report them immediately to Airbnb. Alright, for those of you in the first column, let’s talk writing a negative review.

Basically, just lay out the details that you’d consider worthy of another host reviewing. Be objective and clear without making anything personal. This will ensure that the other hosts know whether or not they’d like to book this guest and you won’t appear petty or rude.

Writing guest reviews whether the stay was good or bad is essential to being a responsible host. It keeps the homeshare experience transparent and, assuming the guest didn’t do anything really crappy, could help ensure that future hosts accept a guest’s bookings.

In case of problems with the guest (damage, theft or other)

To open a refund or payment request:

Mondosol on the host behalf will go to airbnb.com/resolutions to file a complaint, within 48 hours of the check-out, submitting all the documentation that the host will supply by email. If necessary, Airbnb may subsequently intervene as a mediator and collect the payment from the guest.

This documentation includes photos and / or videos with related receipts, invoices, written damages estimates, or links to comparable value assets that show the cash value for repair or replacement.

Guarantee deposits can not be managed outside the site in cash because such payments represent a violation of Airbnb terms.

Airbnb Host Guarantee offers you protection of up to $ 1,000,000 for your property that will be covered in case of damage caused by a guest, regardless of whether or not a Mondosol has added a security deposit. Learn more here.

You can find out more about the Host Guarantee Program at airbnb.com/guarantee.

If the guest and host can not reach an agreement, Mondosol will ask for Airbnb's intervention, 72 hours after the request is opened.

How To involve Airbnb

Mondosol go to airbnb.com/resolutions, select the correct reservation and click on Request Airbnb.

When you decide to involve Airbnb, Airbnb team will receive a notification and a team member will be assigned to your case. It will review the information provided by you and your host or guest before making a final decision.

In some cases Airbnb may need to contact you and Mondosol for further information before making a decision.

Have you got Mondosol on your back?

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