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Powerful Daily Affirmations for Anxiety, Chronic Stress, Panic Attacks

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Hello and welcome I present to you these affirmations specifically for people struggling with self belief over worry and chronic anxiety.

These affirmations should be listened twice a day, preferably when you wake up in the morning and just before going to sleep at night.

Make sure you're in a comfortable position either lying down or sitting with your back straight and you have comfortable headphones on while listening to these anxiety eliminating affirmations.

I want you to feel the sense of change that is rapidly happening in your body and mind don't run from this feeling.

Embrace change, embrace the positivity and let yourself be one with this new transformational you. Now with that said, let's begin

I am cool, calm and collected 

Every breath I inhale call me and every breath I exhale takes away tension

Every cell in my body is relaxed and oozes calmness

I love myself deeply and unconditionally

I am confident about solving life's problems successfully

I transcend stress of any kind

I live in peace

I am social and I like meeting people

All is well in my world and I am safe

With every breath I release the anxiety within me and I become more and more calm

The future is good

I look towards it with hope and happiness

Life is wonderful

I trust in the universe to live a well, fulfilled life

I overcome my fear of anything and everything and live life courageously

I acknowledge that the only constant in life is change and prepared for it

I am feeling healthy and strong today

I am loved loving and lovable

I have the courage to make this a great day

My body is healing and improving everyday

Everything works out for my highest good

I choose to see the best side of people and circumstances

I make a positive difference for someone today

Everything I need comes to me at the right time

My work on earth has meaning and purpose

I am grateful and content with my life

I am free of images of past and future failure

I have completely let go of all my perceived limitations

I have released all harmful tension from my mind and body

I am free of jealousy anger irritation and feelings of unworthiness

I have transcended judgment from others

I have let go of all the pain from my past

I have replaced feelings of overwhelm with faith that everything will work out

I have replaced all negative thoughts with reassuring ones

I have let go of mentally replaying negative situations in my mind

I am free of obsessions and compulsions

I have let go of any need to be perfect

I have released all irrational feelings of fear

I am free of all fear of ridicule of judgment from others and of criticism

I have let go of all desire for health destroying junk food

I am healed of all pain of past trauma

I have released all the causes of weaknesses and poor physical health

I have let go of all feelings of despair and hopelessness

I have let go of compulsively needing to do things a certain way

I am free of all need to be certain of the future

I can overcome all pain and loss in my life

I habitually visualize happy outcomes in all areas of my life

I remain calm regardless of the situation

I do the best I can and I'm happy with that

I use anger constructively and positively

I am bigger than any negative thing that could possibly happen to me

I approach all situations with hope and confidence

I happily learn and grow from my responsibilities

I keep all mistakes delays and setbacks in the proper perspective

I have everything I need for a wonderful life

I enjoy peaceful rejuvenating sleep

I am the master of my feelings and emotions

I can overcome any challenge I face

I have tremendous peace of mind

I easily express myself to others without fear

I deserve to set and reach big rewarding goals

Enormous joy is filling my life now

I exude poise and self-assurance

I have enormously positive regard for myself

I am happy that the future is exactly what I decide to make it

I accept that many situations cannot be changed

Mistakes will happen and I am okay with that truth

Change helps me realize my potential

I embrace all that's good positive and beautiful around me

What I cannot change I embrace

I have many worthwhile interests and passions

I deserve to be successful loved healthy wealthy and happy

I deserve to give and receive love

I know that I have the support of others

I feel genuine contentment and happiness every day

I deserve to laugh and have fun

I continue to grow through positive expectancy

All my limitations are dissolved now in total grace

I believe these affirmations are making a huge difference in my life now

I am now free of all destructive anger

All tension is gone from my mind and body

My sleeping hours are peaceful and rejuvenating

I've replaced fear of change with optimistic expectations

I forgive myself for ever thinking I wasn't good enough

I'm allowed to be flexible in my daily routines

I'm now able to minimize all my shortcomings and imperfections

All images of failure have faded to black and disappear

I value mistakes for their ability to teach me

I am free of all the physical effects of worry and anxiety

All addictions have vanished forever

I'm bigger than anything that happens to me

I release and forgive all those who have left me

I've forgiven forever feeling resentment about the success of others

I've replaced feeling like a victim with total accountability for my actions

I welcome and accept increased responsibilities

Any feelings of vulnerability are behind me now

I replace overwhelmed with the faith that everything will work out

I'm free of all unhealthy eating patterns now

I see change as a welcome and normal part of my life

All obsessions and compulsions have dissolved now in total grace

These affirmations are now destroying my anxiety and stress forever

I've replaced fear of criticism with self-assurance and poise

I've now dissolved and let go of all fear of humiliation

I'm confident in my ability to control my thoughts and emotions

All worry has left me now in total grace

I'm happy for others when they succeed

Any old habit of concentrating on failures and mistakes is now only in the past

I'm healed of all trauma

I'm free of all distress over my responsibilities

I am now free of any resistance to eating healthy and exercising

I see mistakes as part of being human and moved past them gracefully

Any habit of predicting negative outcomes has disappeared forever

I've let go of any resistance to asking for help

I forgive all those who try to take away my personal power

I can overcome any pain or loss that I experience

I forgive myself for ever feeling overwhelmed and frustrated

Jealousy has absolutely no place in my life anymore

I alone am responsible for my actions, thoughts and feelings

Any habit of re playing unhappy experiences is gone now

I substitute feelings of vulnerability with self-confidence and inner strength

I make the right decisions easily now

I value change for helping me realize my vast potential

My healthy self-esteem and confidence empowers me to overcome any challenge

I'm the master of my emotions, no one else

Self belief and faith now flow easily through me

I'm grateful for my many worthwhile interests and passions

I am in complete control of my thoughts and emotions

I review a mental victory log to keep my confidence high

My thoughts are of possibilities and faith

I intuitively make the right decisions every time

I keep all situations in the proper perspective

I have many reasons to be optimistic about my future

I freely give love and accept love from those around me

Everything is working out for me now in perfect ways

I can do anything I put my mind to

My daily mental pictures are of successes and achievement

I have unlimited ability to learn and Excel

I accept my responsibilities with openness and cheerfulness

I have the ability to handle any challenge I face

I exude poise and self-assurance

I accept mistakes as a normal part of life

I'm now healed of all injury and trauma

Happily my strength and energy are increasing today

I visualize success and then I make it happen

My positive regard for myself is growing daily now

I value mistakes for teaching me what I must know to succeed

Peace of mind and I are one

These affirmations are making a huge difference in my positivity now

Joy joy joy is now filling my life

I appreciate how small setbacks can help me avoid big failures

I change what I can and accept what I cannot

I am proud that I am able to stay optimistic no matter what

I enjoy meeting people and making new friends

I'm happy with my place in this world

I'm free of all fear about the future

The days of being overly self critical are gone forever

I recognize feelings of overwhelm and move past them easily

I am able now to control my over sensitivity to stimuli easily

I'm able to control and minimize the stress from major life changes

I transcend all trauma

I transcend the need for dramatics in my life

Gone forever is the need to be certain about the future

I see increased responsibilities as a way to learn and grow

I forgive myself for ever having self-condemning thoughts

All mental and physical addictions are behind me now

I've let go of all resistance to getting regular exercise

All harmful obsessions and compulsions are gone now

It's easy and natural for me to keep mistakes in the proper perspective

In total grace I am free of the need to be perfect

I've replaced all fear of losing control with total power of my emotions

I've given up the habit of assuming the worst outcomes

I use anger to fuel my motivation to be the best I can be

Fear has relinquished all power over me now

I've let go of all doubt about my tremendous self-worth

I am completely free of fear in all social situations

I'm safe and protected when I go outside my home

All barriers to maintaining a healthy exercise routine have disappeared in peace

I'm now free of any habit of mentally building up problems

I've replaced anxiety about changes with feelings of peaceful acceptance

I stand unshaken in my ability to handle all situations I face

Any feelings of unworthiness have disappeared

I forgive myself for ever inflating the severity of problems

The habit of always assuming the worst is gone from my life right now

I'm open to and welcome change

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Description: Law of attraction positive affirmations for healing anxiety and other mental health challenges. Healing tones that speak straight to your subconscious mind, and begin the healing process from chronic stress and fearful overworking habits we build up in our lives. These law of attraction positive affirmations for anxiety should be listened to with headphones, but is also fine to keep in the background of your everyday life.

The more you listen to these law of attraction affirmations for anxiety, the more you're going to recognize a calming effect happening in your subconscious mind. The healing tones that accompany these affirmations will give your mind, body and emotions the piece and calmness they so deserve.

Life shouldn't be lived in a constant state of anxiety. But unfortunately due to our hectic lifestyles, we rarely give back to ourselves, and re-build our tolerance for stress and anxiety. Thankfully these affirmations for anxiety will begin working for you the minute you start listening to them.

These affirmations will also boost your sense of overall well-being, your self esteem, give you a more open and clear mind, as well as help you get past any phobias you may be dealing with. Give them a one month trial listening at a regular time of your day daily for greatest effect.

Remember that the more you listen to these power affirmations, the higher your chance of changing your neural pathways to and creating new thought patterns. (binaural beats included)

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